Rich Girls Steady in Microsoft campaign

Volume music supervised this beautiful track, Steady by Rich Girls, for Microsoft's new Barcelona spot.  Young & Rubicam SF was looking for a haunting and powerful track to complete the vibe .  Volume providing the perfect piece from one of our favorite San Franciscan artists, Rich Girls.  Doug Walker's, as usual, amazing editing and strong direction from Erich Joiner make this a piece we are very happy and proud of - Check it out. You can find this song and other great tracks by Rich Girl here.

Rich Girls

Introducing: Jeff Dodson

Jeff Dodson Introducing this winter's featured composer, Jeff Dodson.

Jeff paints with sound. His work blurs the line between sound design and composition. Equally comfortable scoring the sonic identity for Showtime, or designing the sound score for feature films, Jeff's atomic level of detail produces music and sound that is recognized throughout the industry for it's beauty and intensity.

Check out Jeff's artist profile page.

This Must Be The Place

Our own Dan Miller worked on the score to this film. A highlight for him was the call to 'overplay' on the scene in the shopping mall. A lifetime of performing on the Sam Ash floor finally paid off. This is a great film with a steller perfomance by Sean Penn. David Byrne and Will Oldham did a terrific job on the music and recording engineer Pat Dillett did his usual amazing work.