Super Guitar Geek Moment

I've always loved Page and this new concert is a big reminder of why. Many guitarists as they get older get super tweaky with their sound and gear. I suppose that years of too much money and time makes them buy a silly amount of gear and equipment. As a result, their tone today is a shadow of what was great about them in the past. Their playing may be just as great, but I find the ‘slick’ tone to be not as interesting by half. Page is a glorious exception. Les Paul – Orange Amp (probably some other amps off camera) – done! The tone is just as aggressive and gorgeous as it was in the early days. His playing is just as ragged and awesome as it was 30 years ago. The result is that the band sounds fresh and engaging. Page is just as magnetic to watch and hear as he always was. I’m not really a classic rock guy, but man – that guy is awesome!